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The current situation in Syria is as bad as one can’t even think of. In Syria, thinking that only ISIS is a threat then it will be a mistake. The whole of Syria is divided into several of the disputed regions. Each region is claimed by different community or groups of different beliefs. These groups are not groups which belief in an-violence, they are armed militia who are trying to defend their land and conquering the land of others. The battleground in Syria is more complex than any war which took place in the last half-century. The first and the most important question is that who are fighting. For knowing them, we need a little base. Now the most important and major groups of Muslims are Sunni and Shia. Both groups just got separated after the death of prophet Mohammed due to different beliefs. Both groups fought a huge war for centuries, whether the ottoman empire(Sunni) vs Safavid empire(Shia) or Persians vs Arabs. Today also, both are far away from each other, Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim dominating nation whereas Iran is a Shia Muslim dominating country.they both are the leader of Sunni and Shia respectively. Other Shia dominating countries are Azerbaijan and Afghanistan Yemen is currently disputed and Iraq has a dominating at this movement but was not the of Muslim dominating nations are shunning dominating.except for Syria, of which I am going to talk about.

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What happened from which this spark turned into fire.what happened from which a civil war resulted in a huge threat to the world of ISIS. To know this, we have to flashback 2011, Syria was not a completely Shia dominating nation but the president. Bashar al-Asad is Shia.Now, reports say that the protest began when four children were reported making anti-nation graphics on walls.police arrested them and non-violent protest began but the government commanded open fire and several died and dozens were injured.from that movement, the protest went violent demanding resignation of the president.Assad a major tension was elections of 2012, Assad won the question arises that how he won?when all were against him?well, according to reports, minor areas were not allowed to vote and the only citizen of major areas was having the right to vote.this turned protest as a civil war, rebel groups were formed.not one rebel groups but several small rebel groups.each group covering the major or minor area.

Now the war began, Saudi Arabia and united states with other Gulf nations started funding rebel groups(because rebels were Sunni) and Iran started funding the government because the Syrian government was Shia. There is also the hand of Russia in the Syrian military because as we say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Huge funding by Gulf nations and latest armory of United States mad rebel more 2014, turnover came when major rebel member shook hand with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and formed the Islamic Republic of Iraq and Syria(ISIS).The story changed after the formation of ISIS.

With spam of months, ISIS started spreading like fire and weak government worked as gasoline.With the span of year, ISIS claimed more than half of Syria and they had already entered Iraq.they captured RAQQA and made it their capital.this war was not attentive to the world until the ISIS started training jihadist and sending them outside their country and they were now responsible for disturbance in the we all know then, they blasted and massacred a lot of areas in the world.2014 and 2015 was a peak year for ISIS because they had shocked the world.the Syrian government was worried and so was Iraqi.a long battle continued between all and finally, in 2017, ISIS started losing its territory. Syrian army with the help of so-called international help resulted good for Syria, city after city, town after town, the Syrian army was taking everything back from ISIS Iraqi army finally freed its second largest city Mosul of IRAQ. The battle for Raqqa is still going on and the Syrian army is on winning side.


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Another and dramatic entry was of Kurd. Kurd is the community of Sunni Muslims. They are demanding their own nation for more than a decade. They claimed their own military, government and they even have their own flag. they came their land in northern Iraq. other areas where they live are majorly Turkey. Iran and Syria also cover their population. Kurd from start were in demand for their and. After the gulf war, they were expecting their independence but they were not that lucky that time but this time after the war will end, they are expecting their’s and in Iraq and some part of Syria.

Now, if I compile the competitor then the main competitors are ISIS, Kurd, rebel groups, the Syrian army, Syrian army(independent), Iraqi army, American backed Syrian and Iraqi soldiers and several rebel groups.there are much more small but important militias like white helmets who are fighting to save humanity according to them.

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If I talk about casualties then this thing is sad because no one expected in 2012 that a protest will turn into the bloody and complex war.til now, more than 400,000 are reported dead in this civil war. The heartbreaking truth is that in 2016-17, airstrikes by the US had killed more than thousands of civilians and in March 2017, US-led airstrikes had killed more than ISIS. In 2016, from an estimated population, before the war was of 22 million, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria.50% of cities are destroyed. around 4000 schools, 1,200,000 houses, and 290 heritage sites are destroyed or had huge damage. Some reports say that it could take half of trillion dollars to rebuild Syria.after the civil war, the interesting thing to watch will Syrian government will collapse or there will be a partition.

Note- this blog was written on Nov 10, 2017, so updates may have occurred after that which is not in this blog

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