South China Sea dispute

South China Sea is a sea between a giant and few little barbarians.South China Sea is a semi enclosed sea at the Pacific Ocean surrounded by eight sovereign states- china, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, japan. South China Sea is known to be one of the most crucial sea on this planet. This all because its territory spans 3,500,000 kilometres and is very rich in terms of natural resources, believed to have 11 billion barrels of oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas under the islands. And most important reason is of diplomatic also claims to have 10% of world fishery and 30% of world trade passes through this region.

Why dispute is there? Well according to united nation convention on the law of the sea, exclusive economic zone (EEZ) country claims their sea territory up to 200 miles, after that, the rest of the region is international waters which is shared by all. So this same thing was applied in the case of South China Sea but the things were not as simple in that case. China objected and claimed most of the region by stretching complex 9 dash line, which claimed most of the sea region. This move was taken in 1948 and the world was not happy about it especially the countries which were affected. This nine-dash line was illegal but as china was the one to claim, it started questioning it illegality. ​

This all started back in 20th century, after world war 2, japan lost all of his part in south china sea and china took advantage and started claiming land by stretching 9 dash line, which covered 90% of the sea. When united nation passed EEZ in 1973, china ignored it and didn’t gave up his claiming. China also refused other nations to claim their land which falls in 9 dash line. Vietnam showed anger after that and started building structure against china’s claiming. This triggered tension and warfare between two nations. After that Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia also declared ownership of the sea.

This brings us to the most important topic of this issue, about islands in that sea which is claimed by many countries and are severely disputed. Two most important islands are paracel and spratly islands. They lie geographically and diplomatically at heart of South China Sea. The area which is in centre of the south china sea is international water, that means whosoever will claim those islands will automatically gets that part of international waters because of EEZ. This is what makes paracel and Spartly Island so important. Now according to china’s 9-dash line, those islands falls in that china’s claiming only but the neighbouring countries are not in favour of giving that important piece of land to china instead trying to claim that to their own. Now china is trying to forcefully capture that area by building artificial islands. They are building small islands and making some people live there and automatically claiming those as their own.

It was clear that after noticing, the godfather of the globe ‘USA’ wont sit back and will watch the whole scene with America started their intervention in the area which is far away from their nation and have no connection with that sea. They sailed 12 destroyers near Spartly Island and warned china for these moves. China didn’t cared much and continued his strategy. China continued building its air bases on the man-made islands and developed several naval bases with dozens of buildings acting like they were having 1000% of the control of that region. Now china applied their new strategy by the name ‘the cabbage strategy’. In that new strategy, china fully tried to control the sea by making their ships sail and port near the islands over the area. In May 2013, china sent their ships to Ayungin Shoal, which is only 105 miles away from the spartly islands. That island was claimed by Philippines, in which it had deployed 8 soldiers. China tried to ‘wrap’ that island by making its ships port near to that area so the island will be completely enclosed by Chinese ships. Now, china didn’t stopped there but continued same statergy with other islands too. Same cycle was applied and china tried to control most islands by its naval power. These moves by china irritated Vietnam and Philippines a lot. Now the wave of hate started between both nations and many reports started coming about arrests and disputes of fisherman. ​

Years passed and in 2015, china passed some things which shocked the world which says that all the air ways which passes through South China Sea must have Chinese permission. So will this dispute have end? if we look at present circumstances then it doesn’t looks like it will have end soon. Many nations and European Union have suggested to solve this dispute only by peace talks but at present movements, those peace talks are getting useless.


30 thoughts on “South China Sea dispute

  1. Most of the world doesn’t really pay much attention to the South China Sea.

    The only nations paying attention are China and the other smaller countries with claims in the South China Sea as well as the U.S. of course.

    Most of the world is much more concerned with conflicts involving the Middle East or North Korea.

    And yet the South China Sea dispute does have the potential of starting a major world conflict.

    A very well written and important essay you have done here.

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