BREXIT plans and Northern Ireland Dilemma 

Read about Brexit-

Many types of BREXIT plans were formed, which were mainly associated with-

  1. No Deal- This one is mainly saying that the UK will become a nation, just completely like a Non-EU nation. This will even include no transition period. The transition period was decided until December 2021. In the transition period, flexibility will be there and economies will adapt itself without the EU(for the UK) and vice versa. No transition period will result in difficulty for different EU nations to adapt. Predictions are even made that depression will be there if no deal takes place. This is majorly refused by the UK and EU. But recently EU had said that they are comfortable for No deal.
  2. Hard Brexit- This one says that BREXIT should be strong and complete detachment with EU. However, there is a difference between No deal and hard BREXIT that in hard Brexit, some guidelines will still be maintained. hard BREXIT will include cutting ties with custom Unions that means traders have to pay tariffs to move their goods. This is will be profitable for small traders as their national trade will increase due to the decrease in international trade. But an International trader will face tariff to export commodities to other EU nation. The UK will also enter Single market 2.0 where they will be able to make stronger trade ties with other nations like the USA, China, and India.
  3. Soft Brexit- Soft Brexit will be opposite to hard Brexit, EU will be part of custom Union and won’t form Single market 2.0. Brexit will be there but the UK and EU will remain close to each other. This will be beneficial for the International trader as now he wants to face tariff but will harm small trader due to international goods into the UK. This one is favored by Labour party as ultimately, they want No-Brexit. But it will be a betrayal to those who want pure Brexit.
  4. Chequers deal- also known as May’s deal. This is specially made by Theresa may, keeping in mind of different plans. this one has completely customed guidelines which says that the UK won’t form a single market but want eligibility to trade with other nations freely.

May’s deal may sound most suitable but still, her deal has not been passed in the house of commons despite 3 attempts(till 3rd of April). In fact, even no deal had been passed and pleading had been made for date extension(12th April had been designated earlier). Many MPs are requesting for another referendum. But Theresa may is apprehensive for it.



House of Commons

Northern Ireland Dilemma

During the Irish movement, when nationalist wanted the formation of Ireland and to get sovereignty from the United Kingdom, there was a patch of people who were still in favor to stay in the UK. Irish community were largely Catholics and had a very different culture from the English community. In the UK, the majority were Protestants. This led to

the disintegration of Ireland itself, leading to the formation of- Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. But in 1960s clashes began between Unionist and Protestants, which resulted in the death of 3,600 people due to civil war. The conflict was majorly between Nationalist and Unionist. Previously, Nationalist formed the Republic of Ireland but their influence grew in Northern Ireland also. Now, Nationalists in Northern Ireland were demanding the unification of Northern Ireland with the Nationalist Republic of Ireland. Finally, in 1998 the armed struggle was suspended and led to deal which is known as Good Friday Agreement. Both unionist and nationalist leaders met and signed it. According to it, hard borders were uninstalled and watchtowers clamped down. Civilians of Northern Ireland were given citizenship of both UK and Republic of Ireland and in future Northern Ireland can hold a referendum for unification with the Republic of Ireland. Now if the Brexit will take place, how the UK will deal with it? As in the EU, there are invisible borders and citizens are free to move from one nation to another EU nation. But if the UK will withdraw from the EU, how they are going to cover their borders with the Republic of Ireland. Hard borders will result in the violation of the Good Friday Agreement. No borders and restrictions on the very borders of England and Wales will pose an issue on the dignity of Unionist. Unification of Ireland could pose a problem, as it will be a very messy process.

UPDATE- Theresa May resigned, her plan failed. The new prime minister will take hold, from the conservative party(party of Theresa May) only.


(Note- Updates on the topic after the date of publishing have not been recorded.)


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