Persians and tactics: Iran

It is true that sometimes common interests frame foes as friends. That’s what happens in the various unholy alliances. The world is aware of the fact about the Sunni -Shiite division, which ways back to the existence of Islam. The history behind in simple terms is when Prophet Muhammed died, he didn’t announce the successor of Islam after him. Shiite believes that he did recognize Ali who was his nephew as a successor and Ali has full right to be one whereas, on the other hand, Sunni oppose by making the argument that there should be a proper framework to recognize the successor. From then, there is a rivalry between Sunni and Shiites. In the world today, there is only one major Shiite country left behind- Iran. It is true that there are many other nations too where Shiites population exists but they are not in majority.

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Iran in the world today is critically recognized by its highly inflated currency Rial and by its rivalry with the USA, but things are not completely true. There are many contrast propagandas and we are only able to see those instead of knowing a complete reality and it is really difficult for one to know the whole true reality and to gain real reality, one has to travel Iran. Many travels show that Iran is a very peaceful nation with national dignity and there is nothing like something shown by the media.

Image result for IranA study by vox shows how casual the Iranian are and have a common interest like any other. Whereas the Iranian government is stacked with completely different thinking. Current Iranian leader and ‘pope’ of the Shiite population- Ayatollah Khamenei is completely against the western ideology. According to his regime, the Muslim world should not care and should not be affected by any western ideology, Muslims are strong enough to handle themselves, that is his perspective. He is a preacher of Sharia Law. Sharia law is like the laws of Islams and has some laws which are not accepted by society but encouraged by ’em.  That is the point when hate erupts and the common citizens suffer from hate. Possibly causing Islamophobia.

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Supporting Shiite to Shiite is very much understandable. Opposing Sunni by Shiite is also understandable but complexion arrives when it goes off the division. Iran does support a Syrian regime in Syria which is headed by Bashar al Assad who is a Shiite and fighting rebel group which are Sunni. Iran funds Hezbollah in Lebanon. which is fighting against Sunnis. Iran supports the rebel groups in Yemen which are fighting against the much-hated Sunni government. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia which is head of Sunni world funds all the Sunni groups/governments/oppositions. Like funding rebel groups in Syria.

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Hezbollah and Iran

But things are going off duty nowadays when we see the emergence of the Unholy alliance and make us doubt that do Sunni Shiite partition really do matter or not? Arguing this because- Iran funds Hamas, which is an anti-Isreali group. Iran is a nation against Israel and so is Hamas. We see a common interest between different divisions as Hamas is Sunni. Many experts on the topic believe that Iran also does support groups like Al Qaeda. Iran is many times also accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood was a group emerged from Egypt aiming to restore the ”Islamic feelings” in Egypt which the people had lost according to them due to western influence. Iran’s aim is similar to that and thus forming another unholy alliance as Iran is Shiite and so is a contrast between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. Many other alliances also do form. Like lately ties between Saudi Arabis and Qatar had worsened due to an allegation made by Saudi Arabia against Qatar for supporting terrorism. Qatar is a Sunni nation and Saudi Arabia is also the undoubtedly Sunni dominated nation. This made a turnover  Qatar turned itself self towards Iran and Turkey. Shaking the Hand of Iran and Qatar was unusual as it made a Sunni nation bounded with a Shiite nation.

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But confusion arrived when many authors like Jay Sekulow believes that Iran does support Al Qaeda, it also allows Al Qaeda to support Al Nusra, an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria. Al Nusra is an ally of ISIS and the enemy of the Syrian government. But Iran also supports the Syrian government which is Shia. The war between Al Nusra and the Syrian government is also very crucial in the Civil war. But we observe that Iran is supporting both sides directly o0r indirectly. According to experts, a possible reason for it can be that Iran wants to control the region by causing unnecessary wars.

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    1. That could be a possibility, but still, the government is following same path from many years, and not all, but people do support the government in some cases, but many don’t , that depends upon different fellas. Thanks for reading 😀

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