Is North Korea nuclear threat to the world?


Is North Korea nuclear threat to us? Well yes, especially to South Korea and America. Kim Jong-un (leader of North Korea) had made many statements in which he completely admit that he is not making weapons for defense but making for attack.staements like-calling President Trump ‘Dotard’ and ‘Frightened Dog’, ‘We will not hesitate to slap them’, ‘Wicked Japanese imperialists’ and many more.

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North Korea is the 7th country which has hydrogen bomb after Russia, America, Britain, France, and China. Hydrogen bomb can have the maximum yield of 25 megatons of TNT which is way more powerful than an atomic bomb. Apart from nuclear power, North Korea has the 4th largest army and powerful weapons like Koksan M-1989, Modified SA-13 Surface to Air Missile, Nongo-class missile boat and MiG-29S ‘Fulcrum’. Now a question arises that why people of NORTH KOREA behaving blind and not doing anything about its government, answer is simple, because they are blindfolded by government, there is no internet connection all around country and it is said that citizens are told that –‘The world loved Kim Jong-Il’,’ Kim Jong-Il is a fashion icon’,’ Kim Jong-Il had a supernatural birth’. Strictness is at the edge over there like there are only some hairstyles from which people can select and poverty is out of human thinking in North Korea. Some reports say that in the countryside, people don’t have anything to eat apart from grass. Government is spending 22 percent of GDP on military despite blackouts and starving population.

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So, why North Korea is doing all this? Because of history full of drama and complexity, that is Korean War which was part of the cold war. The cold war was a war in which Soviet Union (Russia) and America fought wars indirectly, i.e., fighting not with each other directly but fighting for a reason or funding two countries which are fighting. They did not fight directly because as per Stalin once said that whenever Soviet and Americans will face off directly, the world will be destroyed. There were three major wars in cold war. That is- Korean War, Vietnam war, and Israel-Arab conflict. We must remember that there were tons of other wars also apart from these three. Now returning back to Korean war, before 1950, there was only one country-‘Korea’ but they split because as imperial Japan conquered Korea in world war 2, so Japan lost the war, America started taking up south and Russia from north, so two giants met and after that there was no question for getting unite within Korea, so war broke out for common reason –‘land dispute’ and things got worse, soviet were funding north with many things like modern equipment, weapons, and money but south were only getting money and less support compared to north, this made north conquered a lot of south but after the battles like battle of Incheon, flow of river changed and American backed forces were last, both countries agreed to ceasefire and borders were made which you see today. America supported South Korea and made it democratic country. On the other hand, Soviet didn’t do anything like this and unstable government resulted in the dictatorship.

Because of this vast history, North Korea wants to crush its old enemies (South Korea and America)

North Korea doesn’t have ‘any’ type of friendship with any country in the globe. In trade talk, NORTH KOREA has major trade with why China trade with NORTH KOREA? Doesn’t it know what NORTH KOREA is doing? Even if NORTH KOREA is trade less, nuclear activities will not stop. And as we say-enemy of my enemy is my friend’, China is the enemy of America from start and North Korea is the enemy of America. Even if China doesn’t like North Korea, China may have to stand with North Korea someday. As today also China is only the major trading partner of North Korea, whether about the export of import.

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Why America doesn’t attack NORTH KOREA and prevent a huge treat? This is because first of all America doesn’t want war, Obama administration was giving its best to resolve this issue with talk but now under trump, things have worsened. Secondly, if America attacked NORTH KOREA with a nuke, its radiation will fall into major cities like Seoul, Vladivostok and can reach China and Tokyo also. East Asia could be destroyed by war, and Russia will respond to America if it happened. NORTH KOREA issue will disappear and another cold war will start. The third reason is if America will attack, North Korea will also launch its H-bomb and will destroy a part of America.

The fourth reason is that if America will attack, in future people will say ‘America started ww3’ if NK attacks first, people will say ’NK started WW3’.This makes political crises for whichever party will support it .this is the reason both the countries give very sensitive statements about each other, so other attacks first.

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If war broke then I think that NORTH KOREA will command its soldiers to move south, within a week, south and North Korea will be destroyed and there be will another cold war between China and Russia vs NATO.

At last, I would just like to say that the war is not a solution for anything, wars only opens doors for other wars like cold war will result into WW3.this is truth that today or tomorrow, we have to experience WW3 because conditions have worsened and there is no way that this war can be prevented. May God prevent it or it is said that in the duration of 24 hours, South Korea can be crushed, South Korea which is the home of giants like Samsung and Hyundai, South Korea which is said to be the most prosperous country in the world.

(Note- Updates on the topic after the date of publishing have not been recorded.)

11 thoughts on “Is North Korea nuclear threat to the world?

  1. Commendable effort Siddharth. Well researched knowledge with critical analysis and structured thoughts. Keep thriving for more. Way to go. Kudos 👏👏👏

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  2. Well. nations are victims of their History, and special circumstances, even from their Geography, the neighbors destiny gave them, their own special interests, and concerns they have to deal with.
    Kim Jong-un, without me having any sympathy for tyrants, he is the product of the long bloody war between the Soviet block, and communist China vs America, and their Geopolitical fight for Hegemony, and simply put they do not want to be another puppet nation of Empire, regardless if South Korea, and Japan had prospered way more than North Korea, things get more complicated, because China had embraced Capitalism, but conserve the old Communist guard, who protect their old ally North Korea to this day.
    I am not a visionary who can predict what may happen, but believe real change in North Korea, would have to start in Beijing, not in Pyongyang, and I do not see what gain, the dotard Trump has to win by instigating hostilities against a small, isolated regime, and nation, who it’s a obviously a pawn of China, and totally irrelevant if left alone!
    But our media constantly present us a paper tiger like a real danger to the world at large, it serves no purpose but to instigate indirectly the Chinese government, supposedly our ally, and our major trading partner, at the same time to keep people in America in constant paranoia, and to manipulate public opinion, to favor Empire, and their militaristic dreams of world hegemony.
    In my opinion, a total waste of time, and to deviate our attention, to the very real problems we have at home! 🙂

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    1. Come on, you said 100% truth, change needs to happen in Beijing , all countries are fighting for diplomatic powers and people and citizens are suffering, thats the problem, thanks for reading and leaving a magnificent and interesting comment!


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