Should we fight for peace??

The beginning

Should we fight for peace, well this is what happens in the world. Countries are trying to control the wars through the war nowadays. We are trying to get peace through the war. That’s the problem: This is just like throwing woods in the fire instead of water. From more than 2000 years we are trying to get peace, but with no results. There are many examples that you could look at to understand what exactly I mean by this. If you take a look at human history you’ll see that we’ve fought many wars and many battles in the name of peace, but where has that really gotten us? Its 2017 and we still have “war against terror” ”war against regions” ”war against poverty” “war against disease”.

Take a minute and actually think about how the thought of “fighting” something makes you feel. Does it make you feel light and loving and free? Or does it make you feel heavy, stressed out and drained having to put so much energy into “overcoming” something?

We must remember that when we win a war by defeating someone, those who lost can now suffer from huge problems, isn’t that opposite of peace now? They’re souls just like us. They come from the same source and are a part of “God” just as everyone else is. It’s the judgments and labels that we’ve created that has brought about fear, hatred, and misunderstanding towards them. They are energy just like you and I.

Why violence and anger is the opposite of peace

You can’t fight anger, rage, and violence with more anger, rage, and violence because whatever energy you throw at a situation will only produce more of that same energy. When you return anger to those who are angry you only further fuel their anger. This creates a perpetual cycle of anger-reaction-anger-reaction. When you return violence with violence you cause others to protect and defend themselves by returning that violence. You only create more violence. However, if you respond thoughtfully and with self-control, you create the atmosphere and environment where people can at least begin to question their own anger.

There is famous Latin proverb which says ‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’ However, it is most wrongly interpreted by most of us. The war here referred to is the war between the good and evil thoughts going on inside our hearts all the time.

These are the two examples in which I had tried to explain how when a war ends, it opens the door for other war.

  Example #1

On 25th December 1979, Soviets invaded Afghanistan. I will not go deep into that war but after the war ended( remember war is over now) it made a huge mess and terrorist groups like ISIS, AL-QUEDA, Taliban, etc. got emerged.  Now what? War again started and is still going. What’s the guarantee of the future that this war with ISIS will bring peace? maybe after few years there can be another terrorist group in other parts of the world and these groups may have dead roots from the middle east (just like it happened after war in Afghanistan ended) During World War 2, Middle East was a peaceful place than Europe, Americas, Pacific, and Asia at that time but after 50 years conditions are opposite.

 Example #2

Another example is of North Korea. in brief, in the Korean war the USA was in favor of South Korea and USSR was in favor of North Korea when the war ended  (again, war is over). The US-made South Korea a democratic, systemized and a prosperous country but North Korea remained under an unstable government which resulted in the dictatorship. As a result today North Korea is having the feeling of revenge for some countries and North Korea is now the nuclear threat to the world.

Ceasefire has not always resulted in peace forever. It may give peace for some time but that peace is not last long like in World War 2 allies destroyed axis power(Nazi) which resulted in peace in Germany. If ceasefire was made, then maybe the Nazi would rose after some years.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. We should consider this line and must think about humanity. You cannot fight for peace to experience peace. Today countries should think about contributing huge amount of money towards humanity, poverty, and development, not towards tanks, guns and modern weapons. There are many examples in books of history those are in need to get revised and now nations should take steps towards humanity not towards conflicts.

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32 thoughts on “Should we fight for peace??

  1. Congratulations on your involvement! Keep thinking, making up your own mind about issues, and keep commenting. Although I don’t agree with you that for the last 2000 years wars have been fought in the name of peace, I do agree that we need to stop spending so much money on tanks and spend it on eradicating poverty instead. Trouble is, world governments are not in the business of altruism. Tehy’re much more likely to be in the business of arms manufacture…

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      1. We can control poverty, ‘we’ being the people who are concerned if ‘we’ had the resources of nation states at our disposal. ‘We’ have to insist that our leaders use our resources in the way ‘we’ want, not the way they and their friends want.

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  2. When I read this, I thought of the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote that you included in your last paragraph. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ”
    I think you are very wise. If more young people think like you, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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  3. Dear Sid if I may call you that?, thank you for your recent visit to my blog, I appreciate your comment..
    What a wonderful world this would be if all of the world thought this way.. Your words here…..
    “You can’t fight anger, rage, and violence with more anger, rage, and violence because whatever energy you throw at a situation will only produce more of that same energy.”
    Your words like music to my ears.. Brings me hope for our future world.. I hope you keep on spreading the ripples of Love and Peace around the world/ The world needs more of our younger generation to SEE as you see..
    Thank you.. And Blessings.. Sue

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