Yemen’s civil war: most ignored war

The world is facing humanitarian crises over Yemen. The war in Yemen can be considered as an ignored war, media coverage in the world today is taken by Syrian civil war or North Korea. The war in Yemen can Yemen as a part of proxy war played by Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

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The war in Yemen is played by the Hadi government and Houthis backed by Saudi Arabia and Iran respectively. This is because Houthis are Shia and Iran is the leader of Shia community across the world and Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni Muslims all across. The history was hours
Houthis is not complex. the Houthis are Zaydi Shiites or Zaydiyyah. The Zadiyyah take their name from Zayd bin Ali, the great-grandson of Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, whom all Shiites revere. Zayd bin Ali led an uprising against the Umayyad Empire in 740, the first dynastic empire in Islamic history, which ruled from Damascus. Followers of Zayd established themselves in north Yemen’s rugged mountains in the ninth century. For the next thousand years, the Zaydis fought for control of Yemen with various degrees of success. A succession of Zaydi Imams ruled the community and Zaydis were the majority of the population in the mountains of the north. They fought against both the Ottomans and the Wahhabis in the 18th and 19th centuries.
With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, a Zaydi monarchy took power in North Yemen called the Mutawakkilite Kingdom. The ruler, or imam, was both a secular ruler and a spiritual leader. Their kingdom fought and lost a border war with Saudi Arabia in the 1930s, losing territory to the Saudi state. They also enjoyed international recognition as the legitimate government of North Yemen. Their capital was in Taiz. But after in war in 1991, they lost their recognition and were combined with Yemen. Yemen was unified.

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The period between 2004 and 2008 can be known as the period of Houthi insurgency.

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The fight between the Saleh government and the Houthis were on the verge. Both the sides were suffering from heavy casualties and the citizens were getting affected by huge numbers. Local citizens started creating small private militias and protested for peace and the Arms way from the capital of Saana. But still, clashes continued. Demand for reforms continued and Saudi Arabia started engaging in the war. Fight against AQAP was also Challenge. President Saleh was heavily criticized and Saleh pledges not to extend his presidency in 2013 or to hand over to his son. Finally, in November 2011, President Saleh agrees to hand over power to his deputy, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. Unity government including a prime minister from opposition formed.
Image result for yemen civil warFrom past few years, Houthis are not satisfied with the Yemen government which is ruled by the Hadi or government in Yemen known by Hadi government. Inflations and bad living conditions in Yemen caused widespread most rote across the country and Houthis rose with full power and started mutinies throughout the nation and wanted the fall of Hadi government. With funding of Iran to Houthis, Houthis rose high and on a verge, tried to conquer Yemen and succeeded significantly. They even captured the capital of Yemen, Saana. All the hadi government was left with was a strip land by the coast, the sea of Aden and the capital of Yemen was moved to Aden.

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Houthis are reported for many major international attacks including many in Saudi Arabia. Like in March 2018, the Houthis launched seven ballistic missiles at Saudi cities, including three at Riyadh. Saudi air defense missiles shot down the attacking missiles, but falling debris still caused at least one fatality.
Houthis are also responsible for attacking the vessels over the strait of Image result for bab al mandab straitBab al Mandaab. Bab al mandaab is one of the world ‘s most important strait in the world, whether for China or for the USA. Reason for this that this strait connects the Mediterranian sea into the sea of to Indian ocean. oil trading is very major in this regions is affected by the Houthis. Air strikes by Saudi Arabia had made conditions worse in the nation by Air strikes which had affected the hospitals as well as Many schools.

In the past, Yemen has been victim to many suicide bombings and attacks from militant groups such as the Hezbollah, ISIL, and AQAP. It is a known fact that the Yemeni Crisis, which started in 2011 and culminated in the Yemeni Civil War in 2015 has resulted in one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. In Yemen, more than 2 million people are internally displaced and have been forced to flee their homes and seek temporary housing in refugee camps where their safety is unsure. Moreover, the locals of Yemen, some of which are tribesmen, have been disillusioned by the crisis.

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8 thoughts on “Yemen’s civil war: most ignored war

  1. This was very interesting for me to read, as I did not really know the background of that “conflict”. Aren’t the Americans also sending missiles to Yemen?

    I really don’t understand these religious wars, as I understand that’s how everything started, Shia against Sunni against Shiites, that reminds me of the wars in Europe with catholics against protestants and the puritans were persecuted. But they were all Christians … and in this case they are all muslims.
    Maybe the difference in religion is only a cover up reason for other reasons like power, land etc.

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    1. All Religious wars are similar to each other in a way or other, well, we really can’t say something about shunni Shi’ite, reason is that it is true that both have huge list of conflicts,but they are also forming Various unholy alliance like IRAN (SHI’ITE) BEING WITH HAMAS(SHUNNI), thanks alot for reading 😀

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    1. No media is covering the conflict properly or without propoganda. Conflict in yeman is really isolated. And no one seriously knows what going on there, until or unless we reach there, we can only assume our best from what we are shown,
      Thanks for reading, 😀

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