City case 2: Barcelona

Barcelona, which is a city at this stance but could be capital in some years possibly. This is due to the emergence of Catalonia. We can call Catalonia as a semi-autonomous region in northeast Spain which is having a unique history(Catalonia has been part of Spain since its genesis as a united states in the 15th century, when King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile married and united their realms.) and is autonomous for many hundred years with its own language Catalan( it is more like French or Italian, not much like Spanish or Portuguese but sounds like Spanish do), its own anthem and flag and even its own parliament, controlling some of the government sectors and having its own police.

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Protest for Catalonia’s independence

Apart from the self-determination of people for a separate nation, other factors also include, like economic conditions, however, many experts believe that self-determination is enough for the province to get independence. Which is true according to the UN charter’s Article 2 which talks about the self-determination of people should be secured. This case is different from other cases like Scotland, Wales and Quebec region. Like wales can’t be independent, a possible reason is that UK’s constitution is not there, so Britain follows London’s provision which doesn’t allow wales to be independent and Wales’s economy is not strong enough to be an independent nation, whereas, in the case of Catalonia, it is strong enough. An argument by an anti-separatist group is that Catalonia not viable on the bases of the area. Which is not true, even countries like Switzerland is prosperous. Switzerland has 6 million population and approximately 40,000 square kilometers. A country can prosper if its citizens are proud of that nation and willing to work in sectors, proper rights of nations and various laws to secure rights of its citizens, a good education system and most importantly, a non-corrupt government. Spain’s government is in cases of many corruption scandals. But various other officials claim that the Catalan government is corrupt enough that change will be just for a name.

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Protest against Catalonia’s independence

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Its hard to say that do people living in Catalonia really support independence or not. But it is sure that the maximum of those who are anti-independence is because of fear of EU. It is very transparent that if Catalonia will be independent then it will be really hard for Catalonia to be part of the European Union. According to Prodi doctrine of the European Union. If a nation gets separated from a nation, then succeeded nation won’t get automatic membership of European Union but have to go through long usual paperwork and even after that, membership of EU won’t be assured. European Union leaders and most of the European Union had already refused to recognize Catalonia. The question arose that how non-EU membership will affect Catalonia. Some of the major drawbacks will be-

  • Major banks working on the consensus of the European Union have to change their destination from Barcelona to Madrid
  • no more Euro currency will be valid in Catalonia
  • Trade with European Union nations will be decreased
  • Support from the EU will be no more

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Many argue that one of the most important role and fundamental goal of the European Union was to secure the self-determination but it is going directly negative to this case.

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Sight of Barcelona

It is for sure that if Catalonia will, succeed, then it will open Pandora box. Many other states will be inspired by this movement which will encourage them to do so and start other various movements from their own individual nation. Europe is incredibly populated with vast various different cultures. This is one other reason EU fears. Not only in Spain but the whole of Europe will be inspired and possible further separations could take place. Especially in Italy which is very sensitive when it comes to succession and division.

The solution for Catalonia is must in recent time. it should not be delayed, whether there should be peaceful talks, which the Spanish government is refusing. Or it can burst into violence. The issue for Catalonia had been there for thousands of years. And it arose multiple times. So did this time. Many reports say that movement in Catalonia can turn into a radical movement which will be harmful to Spain. There is no use for letting blood flow, and then trying to stop it. A decision must take place.

(Note- Updates on the topic after the date of publishing have not been recorded.)

13 thoughts on “City case 2: Barcelona

  1. Very interesting, as I haven’t read much into the Catalonia matter yet. They had separation movements for a long time, but it never got anywhere. Just like the Basque region, also in Spain. I don’t think one should hold them back, if they really want to leave. In the case of Catalonia, as you mention, it doesn’t seem to be 100% clear. The EU concern is justified, I think.

    The Scots had a vote for independence, but the vote was negative. They really regret that now with Brexit, because the majority of Scots wants to stay in the EU. So that back fired.

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    1. Scotland’s case is little more mess according to me. Seriously, you know , it last long back between monarchies. Catalonia also lasts back but not that complicated.
      Self determination….That should be given respect.. thanks alot for reading 🙂

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  2. I find this very interesting. The founding of the United States of America was on the premise that independence is key freedom. Being individuals with a common goal may be stronger than tribalism. The Old World meets the New Worlding meeting the New New World. Your ideas do have merit.
    Great post

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