North Korean Intentions refined

Unrest in Korean peninsula can be considered as the most talked issue in the world today. There are two major reasons for this. The First reason is that it can result in nuclear war and secondly, USA is engaged.

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But conditions now seems better, at least better than it was last year. Last month Kim Jong Un agrees to send a combined team of Korea to the Olympics. And now even South and North Korean leaders and officials have talked face to face in a meeting and hopefully made some noticeable resolutions. Kim Jong Un had even finally decided to meet Trump on the 12th of June and talk ‘ to remove all the confusions’. South Korea is now under sigh of relief. But not only South Korea but the whole world, a relief from the nuclear threat. We can’t say anything about whether this relief is just temporary or it can burst out again.
North Korea even agreed to dismantle its nuclear site. They decided the world should witness it.

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NK’s nuclear site

And so will invite international journalists to record this event of dismantling the nuclear site. This can be a very significant move by North Korea and be moving away from ‘Military first’ policy which is affecting its citizens a lot, on huge spam. People are living a miserable life in North Korea. Strictness is at the edge over there, like there are only some hairstyles from which people can select and poverty is out of human thinking in North Korea. Some reports say that in the countryside, people donโ€™t have anything to eat apart from the grass. Government is spending 22 percent of GDP on the military despite blackouts and starving population.

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Today, North Korea has a close relationship with China as both have strong ties in terms of trading. even those journalists who are allowed to cover the nuclear site dismantling process will be traveling from Beijing to Pyongyang. The reason for China to support North Korea is connected to Korean history when the communism, mostly backed by China for the Korean war was on the verge. That friendship is still lasting long. another reason can be of- an enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Many experts of IR believes that if we want to change in North Korea then the change won’t start at Pyongyang but it will start at Beijing. Reason for that is the communist influence.

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There can be multiple theories that why within some months, the mindset of Kim Jong unchanged. One of the theory says that the nuclear war was only a bluff. A threat with no roots. The aim was North Korea was to arm itself with finest weapons of the world, which was probably the hydrogen bomb. Conditions in North Korea back decades were critical. North Korea was running through the supplies provided by the Communist states like the Soviet Union, but with the fall of the soviet union, North Korea stopped getting its maximum supplies. This made North Korean leaders panic and history witness, whenever such conditions rose, Koreans tried to threat world and suffer through bad conditions for a while, while the political leaders start feeling that they must do something to save the ‘planet’. They offer many nice buffet options to the opposition. Oppositions wait for the finest offer or try to make one and the World leaders have to accept those finest offers. This act is beneficial for both the world leaders and opposition as world leaders got the fame that will be remembered for avoiding third world war and the opposition leader as a great liberator for the nation.
Now we can link both the cases, North Korean threats to sink Australia and Guam were just ‘Threats’, not reality. Kim Jong-un waited for the finest movement (which may have arrived). Donald Trump became the leader and Kim considered him as best he can deal with.

But how North Korea managed such a risk? It was a strategy of North Korean, played gorgeously. They treated all the way, and any country cant destroys them. Reason for that is because if they attacked (Most likely the USA or NATO), North Korea having no doubt will attack Nuke over the nation. Intercepting an ICMB is really tough, especially missiles having the power to carry a nuke. World war 3 will be started with a huge risk of lives. Nuking North Korea will be a very dangerous move and no genius will recommend it. They may have intentions fro nuking North Korea but the whole Korean peninsula will be affected and will also affect Russia and China. And communist won’t shrug their shoulders and will sit silently. They will respond, probably responding with Nuke.

Attacking North Korea was never a solution. Putting sanctions and peace talks were all done till today, but the meeting with Trump can change all and world nuclear threat can be avoided.

(Note- Updates on the topic after the date of publishing have not been recorded.)

14 thoughts on “North Korean Intentions refined

  1. North Korea is one more communist regime that ended up being a dictatorship, strange pattern.
    You know what I thought? That Trump and Kim Jong-un were just pretending to insult each other, so that in the end they would stand as the great leaders that saved the world. A bit in the same direction as you wrote in your article, only that I even think that the two were in cahoots. Because now all of a sudden “rocket man” has become an “honourable leader” or something similar. I don’t recall Trump’s exact words, but quite a mood swing.
    Some might find this farfetched, but nothing would surprise me anymore โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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