Berlin bluff

The USA played a very smart move during the cold war, having a very comfortable situation. Cold war, was a war in which the USA and the soviet union played many proxy or indirect war. Some of the major wars were the Korean War, the Vietnam war, and the Berlin crises.

During the cold war, German was divided into two states. west Germany was under 500_F_120419013_L4Mioq8ejJ9W4E60fw4eVrvSerlj12JDthe control of America whereas East Germany was under control of communist Germany. USA and USSR were both very powerful nations at that time, having nuclear bombs and good militia. USSR was eager to capture the whole of Germany and convert it into a communist state. Where on the other hand, the USA can’t even think of losing Germany because it was the only stronghold for Americans for future warfare in the future.
Conditions at that time were pretty simple for the USA. The vision of USA was- if USSR attacked Germany, they will attack Soviets with an atomic bomb. This will be very defensive for the USA. There will be no blame on USA and USA will be declared hero of war because they can easily claim that USSR attacked Germany, that’s why, to defend the world, they took a harsh step to destroy the Soviet Union with a nuke.
Soviets knew this situation and wanted to do something to convert this situation on their side and they did.

A very important thing to consider is that a nuclear rocket can reach USSR if launched from Germany but a nuclear weapon launched from Germany can’t reach the USA, not from USSR also. This was a very favorable condition for the USA. If USSR wanted to launch a nuclear attack, they first they should have a favorable range place, from where they can launch their rocket which will hit the USA, which they found in Cuba.


image001Cuba was a country under the rulership of Batista, soon a coup headed by Fidel Castro overthrew Batista. Then long story short- communism came to Cuba. Cuba was now under communist rule, which means under the control of USSR. USSR was giving supplies to Cuba in huge number. Fidel Castro was having a very strong bond with USSR. Then a day, USSR asked Castro to let their nuclear project to come over there land. Castro had to say yes. This project was very significant for USSR as it will be a very favorable range for USSR to have a nuclear attack over the USA, they finally got their range. Ships after ships sailing from Russia to Cuba, for this project. USA spotted that USSR was doing this. This was a check-mate played by USSR, very finely.
Simulation now- if USSR attacked Germany, and the USA will attack USSR with a nuke, Russia will be ready with its nuke in Cuba. And the USA was very doubtful that whenever USSR wanted, they can attack the USA. And if the USA will attack Cuba, this will blame them that they started the nuclear war, it will be no more a hero. This was a very fine trick played by USSR, a complete backfire for strategy by the USA.

John F Kennedy ordered a meeting with 5 military generals in White House in which he tried to express his viewpoint-

Image result for john f kennedy

Firstly, I think we ought to think of why the Russians did this. Well, actually, it was a rather dangerous but rather useful play of theirs.If we do nothing, they have a missile base there with all the pressure that brings to bear on the United States and damage to our prestige.If we attack, Cuba, the missiles, or Cuba, in any way, then it gives them a clear, line to take Berlin, as they were able to do in Hungary under the Anglo war in Egypt. We will have been regarded as–they think we’ve got this fixation about Cuba anyway–we would be regarded as the trigger-happy Americans who lost Berlin. We would have no support among our allies. We would affect the West Germans� attitude towards us. And that we let Berlin go because we didn’t have the guts to endure a situation in Cuba. After all, Cuba is 5, 6,000 miles from them. They don’t give a damn about Cuba. And they do care about Berlin and about their own security. So they would say that we endangered their interests and security and reunification and all the rest, because of the preemptive action that we took in Cuba. So I think they’ve got…I must say I think it’s a very satisfactory position from their point of view. If you take the view that what really. And thirdly, If we do nothing then they’ll they’ll have these missiles and they’ll be able to say that any time we ever try to do anything about Cuba, that they’ll fire these missiles.So that I think it’s dangerous, but rather satisfactory, from their point of view.

15 thoughts on “Berlin bluff

  1. Very good article, Sid!
    Just a tiny information. After the war the Allies England, France, America and Russia divided Germany and Berlin into sectors. There were troops from England, France and America in West Germany, while East Germany was occupied by Russia, and therefore became communist. Then the borders between East and West were closed 1952 after an agreement between East Germany and the western allies.

    Where did you get the information that Russia tried to get all of Germany? As far as I know, that was never an issue. They got parts of Poland and East Germany and that was it.

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    1. Thanks for reading! :-D, Yeah, that happened and hate remained. Russia wanted to finish the capitalist influence from whole Germany, they didn’t really wanted to annexure Germany but wanted to finish the influence of USA,
      I really appreciate you shared reading, thank you :-D:-D

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