North Korean Intentions refined

Unrest in Korean peninsula can be considered as the most talked issue in the world today. There are two major reasons for this. The First reason is that it can result in nuclear war and secondly, USA is engaged. But conditions now seems better, at least better than it was last year. Last month Kim Jong Un agrees to send a combined team of Korea to the Olympics. And now even South and North Korean leaders and officials have talked face to face in a meeting and hopefully made some noticeable resolutions. Kim Jong Un had even finally decided to … Continue reading North Korean Intentions refined

Berlin bluff

The USA played a very smart move during the cold war, having a very comfortable situation. Cold war, was a war in which the USA and the soviet union played many proxy or indirect war. Some of the major wars were Korean war, Vietnam war, and Berlin crises. During the cold war, German was divided into two states. west Germany was under control of America whereas East Germany was under control of communist Germany. USA and USSR were both very powerful nations at that time, having nuclear bombs and good militia. USSR was eager to capture the whole Germany and convert … Continue reading Berlin bluff