Islamophobia and Terrorism

Discrimination had been a major topic for a long time and the sad news is that it is still a topic. In the world today, we are differentiated from others through our skin color and our ancestors which is enough to prove that racism is still there. One of the major religion which faces discrimination is Islam, Islamophobia is rising day by day and many are suffering from it which results in hate against each other in the whole world.


There is Islamophobia for the main reason of terrorism that we think every Muslim spread but instead, there is a cycle that follows, terrorism is there because of our fears. Islamophobia results in hate, now there is huge number of people across the globe who don’t understand the situation and get them turned into jihadist as terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS shows them and grant them statements like they will create heaven on earth for Muslims, this is a turning point when they accept that and they don’t get to know that those terrorist communities are the only one which spread hate and in the name of jihad, they are responsible for massacres around the world. Now they join terrorism and they also start doing activities which are against humanity and terrorist activities which news flashes and makes us carry on with Islamophobia and the cycle continues.

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In the world today, it won’t take a genius to recognize that Islamophobia is growing. Automatically others will rise too. Terrorist organizations like ISIS claims to build a heaven for Muslim(so people join them), they also use Quran as their weapons whereas Quran is written as for peace but they manipulate, some Muslims who are from remote areas get attracted by those claims and due to poverty and poor conditions, they get influenced.

Some of the examples could be that an Islamophobic person drove a van over a Muslim crowd who were coming out of Finsbury Park mosque after prayer and he yelled ” I will kill all Muslims”. This attack was taken place on the 18th of July, 2017, taking the life of a Morocon. A witness stated that he asked him why he wanted to kill all Muslims and he smiled and laughed. That laugh clearly showed that he was all doing that deliberately and with his own spirit. Finsbury mosque chief believes that there is a 100% rise in Islamophobia in the UK. Archbishop of Canterbury tweeted ”The attack at #FinsburyPark mosque is abhorrent. We stand in solidarity with our Muslim friends and pray for the bereaved and injured.”A 14-year-old pupil at Manchester Islamic high school for girls was also targeted days after the attack when a passerby shouted: “When are you going to stop bombing people?”. Why that girl is criticized when she is innocent, this clearly creates fear in them which results in hate. As much the fear rises in them, more they will be involved in hate and then the day comes when that hate get converted into violence! Another terrible such act took place at Christchurch mosque in New Zealand on 15 March 2019, which was the result of Islamophobia and white supremacy. A single shooter with multiple weapons opened fire on people who were peacefully praying at the mosque and live-streamed it over Facebook, killing 50 innocents.


Hungarian leader said that ‘We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees. we regard them Muslim invaders” Orban told Germans Bild newspaper. On 13th April 2017, ”we will burn down your mosques, draper head Muslim,’said one message read by Iqra Khalid, a member of the liberal party who represent Ontario district. On January 2018, a Muslim girl who was in 6th grade also suffered from Islamophobia as an attacker cut her hijab with scissors. In America, 92% of Muslims are proud Americans just like any other majority according to a report. whereas 72% of them also says that they suffer from Discrimination and hate. We should give respect to earn respect. With Trump, more people seem to be paying attention to anti-Muslim hate. Media organizations are covering the subject more news connected to hate. The nonprofit news organization ProPublica has launched its own column, called “Documenting Hate,” and The New York Times has started a weekly column on the subject called, “This Week in Hate.” The Georgia Security Force is a private militia whose aim is clear, to finish ISIS, it seems fair until or unless they say that they also won’t let anyone Muslim join them, doesn’t matter how desperate that Muslim is to get against ISIS HuffPost started an activity in which they use to collect emails who are suffering from Islamophobia, one military veteran told them that he found ‘terrorist’ written in his locker.


2017 was reported worse year when it came to Islamophobia. Now isn’t it wrong that when a mother had to tell her daughter not to wear hijab today just because she can be targeted, isn’t it wrong when a father tells her son not to react if people say something awful to him? Isn’t it wrong that day today we are discriminated from our skin or region and we are in a world where anytime hate can be converted into violence?

”Islam is not religion of peace, its a ideology of submission”

– Steve Bannon (Left hand of trump on forign policies)

”íslamophobia is when a children in primary school tell a muslim kid that we dont like muslims, go back to your country”

-Assed Baig

46 thoughts on “Islamophobia and Terrorism

  1. Even in India also we face this caste based discrimination. Public lynchings of muslims in the name of cow protection is a heinous crime according to me !
    BTW great post. I hope people read this !

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  2. After the second World War, many Germans living abroad were harassed and threatened. Even I, who wasn’t even born but 10 years after the War’s ending met animosity in France, Spain and Holland. Stupidity is rampant all over the world.
    I just heard that two men attacked a Jewish boy in Paris. What could make two grown men hit a child? Such cowardice! Like the lorry driver you mentioned, a complete lunatic!

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  3. First of all that insulting graffiti on that wall is too unfortunate.
    This whole blanket cover idea that all muslims are bad is a major problem.
    People come from all walks of life and religions but singling out a particular group based on their religious beliefs is never going to be right.

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  4. I’m really amazed and happy that a teenager is mature enough to understand this concept…..there shouldn’t be any discrimination among humans…..this is all about the mindset of people, and political parties play a major role in discriminating us…for their profits….Huh! Honestly no one has hatred in their hearts everyone has a li’l bit of humanity but it is being killed by some devilish people

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  5. You nailed it…I mean your thought process…damn!!You are an inspiration.. Myself as a teenager…I am having goosebumps reading that by one who himself is somewhat of my age..wish I had intellectual people like you around me❤❤
    Loads of love

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  6. Ignorance. creates all sort of problems, like those people who wrote on the walls of the Islamic center, obviously in their hate, they ignore Islam it’s part of the Abrahamic religions, and totally opposed to idolatry!
    You can hardly open the sacred Quran at random, without finding out a page where falsehood, and idolatry it’s condemned.
    The graffiti on the wall tell us more about the ignorance of the hatemongers, and their false ideas about Islam, louder than anything else they can argue. 🙂

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    1. People believe in what they see, the various things a citizen see in news and kind of anti Islam reports they show spread bad impression of Islam in front of world, I totally agree with you and really appreciate that, thanks for reading!


      1. no no no. Actually see in this context every religious history there is great revolution. look we all know about christian and roman catholic church and all. the revolution for freedom. the revolution for truth the revolution for change.

        But in islamic history it is not exist. thats the problem. i am not criticizing Muslims but saying that musliums and islam hadn’t gotten time for revolutions and evolutions. 2nd due to natural nature of arabs (were islam produced) islam is near to antichange. i am not critising islam but critising musliums that they should try to change.

        if you want to slap the face of your critisizers then change for good

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    2. one question. did you understand quran. 2nd question do you know that quran hasn’t arrange yet. so that means first word of quran is not the first and 2nd is not the 2nd and last is not the last.

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      1. I am saying that if it is not arrange then how it is understandable? i mean take any religious holy book tear it (sorry to say) and just arrange it without any sence like this page no. 4,87,53,97,56 can such books are understandably.

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      2. o my god what? seriously when i am saying that one word is not first. what you mean i call for challenge that say what is content.

        have you ever readed an book for what you go to read. is it its content or the book

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