Why Catalonia wants sovereignty?

Spain is suffering from the huge land dispute and is arguing with leaders like Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras as they want to exclude an important land from Spain and want to claim it a different country, Catalonia. But how it began? One of Spain’s wealthiest areas Catalonia got autonomy, Autonomy is a term used to describe a person’s or government’s ability to make decisions, or speak and act on their own behalf. This autonomy was but surpassed by Francisco Francisco during his dictatorship in Spain from 1939 to 1975. After his death, the autonomy of Catalonia was returned.It is said that Catalonia has great autonomy.


We can call Catalonia as a semi-autonomous region in northeast Spain which is having a unique history(Catalonia has been part of Spain since its genesis as a united states in the 15th century, when King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile married and united their realms.) and is autonomous for many hundred years with its own language Catalan( it is more like French or Italian, not much like Spanish or Portuguese but sounds like Spanish do), its own anthem and flag and even its own parliament, controlling some of the government sectors and having its own police. Catalonia claims to have Barcelona as its capital. I think that everyone in this century must have heard Barcelona, they may haven’t heard of Madrid (capital of Spain). Yeah, Barcelona is famous a lot because of tourism and football. There is a widespread feeling that the central government (Spain) takes much more than it gives back (to Catalonia).


Everyone living there is proud Catalans but all of them don’t want the independent country and don’t want Catalonia to get detached from Spain and want unity. Catalonia authorities hosted an illegal referendum on 1st of October 2017 in Catalonia for independence. Surprisingly, only 10% of people opposed independence so, the majority is the majority, ‘won the right to statehood’. The only problem was as only fewer than half of Catalonia’s population participated in the referendum.As it was illegal, there also been violence during referendum between forces with civilians. But still, after the referendum, Spain’s president Rajoy doesn’t want Catalonia to get independence and is having regular talks with Catalonian leaders for peace and unity but it does not seem that talks are working out.


This is making people do rallies on roads and streets, most of them are for independence but many are also against independence. Rallies are not only taking place in Catalonia but all over Spain. Like on 29th of October, there was a huge rally attending Spanish nationalist, it is said that a number of people during the rally was 300,000 to a million. And there were some chants in memory of Franco and a few Nazi salutes. As for sure, security was also very very tight.so if the Catalans want independence, why don’t Spain let it get independent? Well, Catalonia is very important for Spain. Catalonia itself is a very wealthy state in the whole Europe.it only takes 6% of the country but in return given one-fifth of the whole countries economic output. in 2016, tax revenue came from Catalonia was 21% of the whole nation of the taxes but the citizens feel that they don’t get enough what they pay taxes for.wealthier states in Spain like Catalonia and Madrid pay the most taxes to support weaker states of the countries.


Catalonia at this date is still under political dispute. Catalonian authorities recognize itself a complete country but the whole world don’t agree with that at this moment. There are 12 countries which recognize Catalonia as a country. Those 12 are the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium and Slovenia.Whereas superpower like America is opposing this movement. Being united is a good thing but being tied up without the will is a different thing as per my thinking.

Catalonia is a vivid example of the double standards in the world. Kosovo can have a referendum but not Crimea and Catalonia?

—Vladimir Putin (President of Russia)

For EU nothing changes. Spain remains our only interlocutor. I hope the Spanish government favours force of argument, not argument of force.

— Donald Tusk (President of the European Council)

It would be foolish not to,(leave spain)

—Donald Trump (President of America)

Catalonia is a vivid example of the double standards in the world. Kosovo can have a referendum but not Crimea and Catalonia?

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34 thoughts on “Why Catalonia wants sovereignty?

  1. Hey sidarth, I really liked your blog . However, I would appreciate if you wrote about all the peculiarities in our own country like that of suicides of farmers & the Kashmir dispute, rather than going overseas. Just a simple thought😊 Hope you’ll write about this stuff in the near future.

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  2. Catalonia is only a real part of Spain if the people of Catalonia choose it to be. This would be the same as Texas is part of the US only as long as the people of Texas choose it to be. Yet the reality is that both ‘States’ produce a huge part of the Nations GDP/Tax Revenue so in both cases, Spain and the US, the Federal governments will spill much blood to keep that tax revenue in place.

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    1. Thank you alot! What I believe myself is that sometimes myself, when I read an article about a thing, first I have to clear somethings before reading it, and cycle continue, my main aim is to write in such way that I person who don’t know about situation get to know, not on deep but in such enough way that they get the solid base, I am glad you liked it

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      1. Well, you’re doing an excellent job of that! The way you describe your goal of writing is exactly what I enjoy about it.

        Your information is great in that it’s deep enough to get all the details, but not so much so that one is drowning in it. Most articles online from “reputable” news sources go on and on, and have a tinge of personal bias (or more). Often I start reading them, and I can’t finish because they bore so much, quite the opposite reading yours!

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  3. Thank you for Following Pick1solution. I like your thinking and you need to continue. There are too many people that do not understand that we live where we live based on what we are willing to accept. If we were willing to accept others for who they are as opposed to what we would like to think of them. Bless you and continue with your opinions.

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  4. Really less than half of the Catalan population is pro-independence. The Spanish electoral system favors certain political parties to obtain a higher percentage, although they have fewer votes, which is a part of what happens in Catalonia. In the last autonomous elections (December 21, 2017) the elections won a non-independence party, but will not govern by said electoral law. More than 2 million people voted non-independentist parties compared to 1.5 or 1.8 who voted for independent parties .., and another 1 million abstained in the elections. Seeing these results I think I can say that the pro-independence population is currently a minority.

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  5. On the other hand the 17 autonomous communities that make up Spain have their own flag, anthem and parliament … On the other hand I say Catalonia is the autonomous communities that have more autonomy and which receives more benefits from the central government. As a personal opinion I must say that the Catalan secessionist movement in recent years is marked by irregular financing scandals of one of the independentist parties that governs Catalonia, to which we can add cuts in health and social policies … What supposed an increase in popular discontent and a loss of voters in the polls, which led to a radicalization of nationalist ideas in order to recover and affinity between the population and therefore voters.

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    1. I really appreciate you opinion and also believe that Catalonia should stay united and we may see some drastic change and moves in some recent time, thanks for reading, I really appreciate!


      1. I am Spanish, specifically from Cantabria (another autonomous community in the north of Spain.) And it is not that I think that Catalonia should be united or not, it is simply a simpler problem in some things and more complicated in others … Also to the president of Spain is interested in the existence of this problem, to cover up its own cases of corruption or those of the political party to which it belongs … Spain is a great country, but ruled by the brainless It is the key to the problem. 😂😂😂

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